Branding / Visual Identity
Art Direction
HTML5 / css3 / wordpress
Video Editing
Secret skill

Graphic designer based in São Paulo.
Passion for finding inspiration
where it's not normally seen.

David The Agency 8 months
OgilvyOne 1 year
Boxe Propaganda 3 years

Tommy can you hear me?

Burger King Key Visuals

Key Visuals made for new meals. In pieces like this I aim to maintain the appetite appeal while creating a thematic and interesting composition.


Powerstats was a project aimed to strengthen Powerade's presence as a Rio 2016 Olympics sponsor. Our team generated real-time content from statistics, opportunities and insights. My main role was to gather this content and make it visually appealing.

Bohemia Ads

We had a goal to increase the gourmet factor of Bohemia's three new beers as they were being launched. The ads present food suggestions to go with each of the beers. Visually, I used Bohemia's hand-made visual identity to guide the eyes towards the food, while taking special care of making the meal look as tasty as possible.

Other Works