FMU web portal

FMU is the largest institution of Laureate International Universities. It offers an impressive variety of courses, ranging from graduation to postdoctoral. Our job was to redesign the institution’s website to offer a better user experience and modern interface.


To kick off, me and my co-worker Bruna Andrade made rounds of research with students, prospects and stakeholders. The research included quantitative and qualitative questionnaires, card sorting, analytics and reaction cards.

Wireframing, prototyping and user testing

Having a big bag of insights from the research step, the sitemap was reorganized and became much more objective and compact.

Bruna then crafted the wireframes and prototype. Soon after, we began user testing to validade our solutions and site structure, going back to the drawing-board whenever we learned new things.

User Interface

Wireframe in it’s best shape, time to craft the visuals. I made the UI in waves, sending packages to the development team while they coded, always validating their production to make sure the pixels were right.

Follow up

A while after the portal’s launch, FMU’s new campaign brought new visuals that had to be reflected online. I then redesigned the homepage and other landing pages to fit the new styles. You can check the results clicking in the button below.

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