Branding / Visual Identity
Art Direction
HTML5 / css3 / wordpress
Video Editing
Secret skill

Graphic designer based in São Paulo.
Passion for finding inspiration
where it's not normally seen.

David The Agency 8 months
OgilvyOne 1 year
Boxe Propaganda 3 years

Tommy can you hear me?

Bohemia's New Beers Website

We had a goal to increase the gourmet factor of Bohemia's three new beers as they were being launched. The idea was to make the beer's recipe available to everyone in the website. In order to transmit the hand-crafted aspect of the products, the visual is composed by ingredients lying around and rough textures.
My Role: visual aspects.

Corpo e Arte Website

With a new clothing collection on the way, I had the job of organizing the pieces while mantaining a soft and delicate visual.
My Roles: visual aspects, front-end code.

Luxembourg Website

This soil products company was entering Brazil in need of a website to showcase it’s products and also provide direct contact with their representatives around the country.
My Roles: visual aspects, front-end and wordpress code.

Waffleteria Website

We had the job of introducing the new business idea that Waffleteria was bringing to Brasil. It is a one-page website that goes through waffle history, store concept, market opportunities and the team behind it.
My Roles: visual aspects, front-end code.

Other Works